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The very first KOMATEK International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Fair was held in 1992 at ANFA Altınpark Exhibition Center covering 2000 m² area.

At its 6th occurrence in 2000 when Altınpark was unable to suffice to the demand, KOMATEK was moved to Atatürk Culture Center and all occurrences of 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 were held at ACC (abbreviated as AKM in Turkish). At its tenth occurrence in 2007 it had reached 68.000 square meters, with 395 companies from 27 countries, and became the largest exhibition in the country.

The 14th KOMATEK exhibition held during 6-10 May 2015 at Ankara AKM, proudly earned the title of largest area covering successful Construction Machinery & Equipment exhibition in Turkey, as well as the largest in participation and number of visitors in Ankara.

KOMATEK 2015 Exhibition comprised of 85.000 m² exhibition area and 35.000 m² parking space reaching 117.000 m² of total area. Out of the exhibition area 75.000 m² was outdoor and 10.000 m² was indoor areas. 505 companies exhibited their products at 55.550 m² outdoor and 6.000 m² indoor net stand areas.

The BIG Exhibition has been visited by 32.031 visitors of which 1.636 were foreigners.

You can reach detailed information and photographs on previous editions at http://www.sada.com.tr website.

SponsorshipKOMATEK 2017 edition will be held during 3-7 May 2017 at Ankara Atatürk Culture Center. It will be set up on 98.000 m² of exhibition area and 55.000 m² of parking space reaching 153.000 m² total coverage area. 88.000m2 of the exhibition area is the outdoor area and 10.000m2 is the indoors. 60.000m2 of outdoor and 7.000 m2 of indoor nett stand area will host 500 exhibitors. 40.000 sectoral visitors are expected to visit KOMATEK 2017 exhibition. Visiting is by invitation and is free of charge.

KOMATEK Exhibitions have a bright future. As of September, the reservations for 2017 edition has reached 80% and applications are expected for the remaining 20 percent. It is observed that if an exhibition complex in accordance with international standards and sufficient area is built in Ankara, KOMATEK 2017 Exhibition could easily reach 100.000m2 of coverage. When the planned exhibition complex at Ankara’s Akyurt province becomes operational, by the continuing contributions and support of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and İMDER, we aim to exceed an area of 200.000 m2 at KOMATEK exhibitions’ future editions. This enormity will place KOMATEK Exhibition at the third place in the world with respect to coverage area among Construction Machinery & Equipment Exhibitions right after BAUMA - Munich and CONEXPO - Las Vegas.

Our KOMATEK exhibitions are the preference of the sector´s most renowned companies. Some of the 2015 participants are listed below;

  • CASE
  • E-MAK
  • ENKA
  • GAMA
  • HMF
  • JCB
  • SİF


Our KOMATEK Exhibitions are publicized both domestically and internationally for exhibitors and visitors. Visitor aimed promotional activities were increased during the last edition, compared to exhibitor focused ones. Advertisements were published in both local and international sectoral publications as well as banners on several related websites for KOMATEK 2015 Exhibition’s promotion. For this purpose KHL Group - UK and their Turkish partners APA Publishing Group were chosen due to their reknowned world-wide publishing network. 80 panels located at international and domestic halls of Turkish Airlines.

Several TV channels, Radio stations, Newspapers, Billboards, sectoral magazines and internet were utilized for publicizing the exhibition to domestic visitors.

15 second advertising spots during day-time broadcast were used on news channels such as NTV, HABERTÜRK, CNNTÜRK, TRTHABER for 10 days, totaling to 200 advertisement spots (3.000 seconds).

200 each spots on NTVRADYO, KRALFM, TRTFM, SHOWRADYO, RADYOTRAFİK ANKARA radios, totaling 2000 seconds of radio advertisements.

A Construction Machinery insert was published in Hürriyet newspaper.

Billboards used at Ankara’s various locations: a total of 69 billboards were used where 43 each were at OSTİM. 15 each Outdoor Tv and Metro city screens were utilized as well.

Advertisements were published in 7 international and 24 local media.

Personal e-invitations were sent to individuals through our website.

KOMATEK 2017 Exhibition has an allocated promotional budget of 120.000 USD.



Three types of sponsorhip for KOMATEK 2017 Exhibition are available; one Primary Sponsor, a maximum of 4 Sectoral Sponsors and several Special Sponsorships (i.e. nametag, opening ceremony, registration/entry system, etc.).

Sponsorship conditions are explained below.


  • Primary Sponsor’s name and/or logo will be included/used together with KOMATEK 2017 on all promotional materials and activities under “Primary Sponsorship of” title, or another title preferred by the sponsor and accepted by SADA.
  • This title will be used on/in all promotional materials and activities; be it written, verbal, animated, etc. on equal basis.
  • No other sponsorships will be accepted or allowed on the same sector/field of business as the Primary Sponsor.
  • Besides insertion to all promotional materials of the Exhibition alongside Exhibition name Primary Sponsor will also have the benefit of the following;
  • 2 each banners to be displayed at the Opening Ceremony where sizes will be in accordance with the halls conditions, banners to be provided by the sponsor
  • 2m by 4 m banners to be placed next to both the Exhibition entrances, banners to be provided by the sponsor
  • 3 each vertical banners to be hung over aisles at the indoor area, banners to be provided by the sponsor
  • 1 each 2m by 4m banner hung at Exhibition Catering area, banner to be provided by the sponsor
  • 1 full page color advertisement in the Official Exhibition Catalog, material to be provided by the sponsor
  • Primary Sponsorship fee is 50.500 USD. Primary Sponsor can conduct the advertisement campaign on its own, such as TV advertisements, provided that SADA’s contribution and approval is obtained and also produced through SADA. Primary Sponsor shall utilize the budget to provide for the maximum repetition of the TV advertisement spot. Broadcasts shall start ten days prior to the Exhibition and shall continue including the Saturday before the closing of the Exhibition. The broadcasts should include at least 4 News Channels that broadcast nation-wide. SADA will have the right to choose the media, broadcasting times and programs. Or the Primary Sponsor can choose to bear the cost of promotion campaign of other promotional items under KOMATEK 2017 Media Advertising Program and Budget that has a budget of 50.500 USD.


  • It is planned to have a maximum of 4 Sectoral Sponsors at KOMATEK 2017 Exhibition. Selected sector preferably should not be in direct competition with the exhibitors but rather be from sectors providing materials, services, complimenting or of a sector that appeals to a wider spectrum of the community.
  • Sector could be of ; Energy, Finance, Communication, Fuel & Lubrication, Information Technology or others that would fulfill the above description can be considered. A sector that coincides with the Primary Sponsor will not be accepted. Only one sponsor will be allowed per sector.
  • Sectoral Sponsorships will be mentioned/included on all advertisement materials of KOMATEK 2017 Exhibition such as written and printed medium under Sectoral Sponsors title, or other title chosen by SADA, each with equal sizes. Since TV advertisements will be shared with Primary Sponsor, Sectoral Sponsors will not be included in these.
  • Furthermore, Sectoral Sponsors will be given various advertisement opportunities within the Exhibition grounds. Banners at both Exhibition entrances (2 each), indoor area (2 each ceiling hung) of 2m by 1m which is to be supplied by the sponsor and 1 full page color advertisement space in the Official Exhibition Catalog, again material shall be provided by the sponsor and two more banners of same size, one at Opening Ceremony and one permanently at catering area.
  • Sectoral Sponsor(s) will be charged 16.850 USD as Sponsorship Fee. SADA may choose to receive this fee in either cash or as rendered service, as agreed upon. Such as; Power Supply Sponsor providing generators to supply power either as main or emergency/backup power for the Exhibition.


  • Special Sponsorships (i.e. Name-tag, Name-tag Ribbon, Opening Ceremony, Registration & Entry System) will be priced based on the cost of the item or service to the Organizer.

Please contact Alp BEKİŞOĞLU (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Levent BAYKAL (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for sponsorship inquiries.